Mobile patrolling

Mobile patrolling

Area surveillance is carried out by a patrol officer who patrols different surveillance objects by car or foot.

When you go home for the day or leave your house, we take over the security responsibility. Beforehand, we carry out an analysis of the security needs of your home or workplace. The patrol officer’s main duty is to prevent water damage, fire and theft, but also preventing unauthorised people from accessing the building, break-ins and vandalism. Normal work tasks for a patrol officer include:

Surveillance of facilities and properties, surveillance of specifically selected areas of a company facility, external surveillance of a property or facility, making sure that all windows and doors are shut and locked, as well as locking and opening properties or company facilities.

The patrol officer’s tasks also include responding to different types of alarms in agreement with you, for example fire alarms, assault alarms and burglar alarms.

We use an electronic report system where we report what has happened during the night via a handheld computer. This allows you to get an early overview in the morning.

Our goal is for you to be able to pick up where you left off the day before, without disruptions caused by external circumstances.