How we work

How we work

In order to determine what type of surveillance would suit you best, we start by mapping out your needs. Together we go through your needs on a day-to-day basis so that we can tailor our services according to your wishes. We create a strategic plan (work routines, equipment, facility adjustments) to meet the demands of a more secure environment. This work routine also includes ongoing follow-ups and evaluations.

As a next step, Defencia conducts an evaluation together with you to determine what type of surveillance you need and which of our co-workers are best suited to see the project through.

Personal collaboration is key to finding a good surveillance solution. The person in charge of your surveillance is always available to answer questions and see to wishes regarding the work that we do. This creates reassurance for you and your staff when questions arise.

Our personnel are always dressed in accordance with the task they are performing in order to fit in with the surroundings they are in. The service we provide is both comprehensive and flexible, and together with you we create a safe and secure environment.

Preventing and solving security problems requires something that we can offer – a well-structured organisation with years of experience from all areas of the security industry.

The most important part of our client relation is good communication. Together we decide whether we should be in contact on a daily or weekly basis.

Our work is constantly developing and changing. Through in-house and external training we can maintain a high level of quality, as well as well functioning equipment.

We want you to consider us as colleagues – together we will find the best solutions.